Päivä jona H&M saapui Harajukuun

Patrick Macias kirjoittaa Japan Timesissa Harajukun alueen viimeisimmistä käänteistä, sen historiasta ja huolestaan sen tulevaisuudesta nuorisokulttuurin mekkana.

Sebastian Masuda, owner and creative director of a Harajuku boutique named 6%DOKIDOKI, speaks for many when he says, "What concerns us about big chains coming to Harajuku is that the special atmosphere of this place might be lost. People are interested in Harajuku because it is full of styles that came from the street, along with stores owned by individuals. But when a chain is expanded around the world, it winds up creating the same kind of landscape everywhere you go. People might eventually lose the need to come to Harajuku if they can just get similar goods in their local town."